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When the dust is settled and those horsemeat culprits have been caught, hung, drawn, quartered, minced and fined the authorities will finally feel a little proud and no doubt boast of their adventures into areas of trade they didn’t even know existed.

But what about  you and me.

We have been coughing up (sometimes literally) for mislabelled food for years and made to eat things we didn’t choose to eat. What happens to us then, the fines won’t be big enough to reduce income tax and you can bet your life that minced meat products will rise in price when the Findus and Tesco people have to actually buy beef.

And another thing, I assume because McDonald’s are keeping very quiet on this subject they are entirely innocent of any of these ingredient sins.

What I want is a meat product containing what it says on the box/label and some cash back for each purchase please. A daft idea you may say, but it’s only fair isn’t, I would get money back if it was a radio that couldn’t be switched on or a car with a rubber band instead of an engine. And in a restaurant if I sent a inedible steak back to the kitchen I would not have to pay for it. But in the great Horsemeat fiasco we have all eaten the stuff, 100% of it every time, the flavour all masked by Bolognese sauce or whatever. All those little girls (some with pony-tails) who enjoy pony club rides every week-end and may be traumatised for years, what about them?

Strangely enough I never kept all those supermarket receipts, I thought I would never need them for food.

Tesco and Findus and the rest of the gang will refuse to pay for all the DNA tested meat they will be binning won’t they?

So please can we have some money back…. please?

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