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I see the old political trick of a government in trouble is being used by Spain to deflect a little bit of pressure and hopefully bind the Nation together using indignation.

Gibraltar raises it’s head again with the old passport and vehicle long delay checks at the border into La Linea.

The Spanish Government has quickly seized on the artificial reef project which Gibraltar commenced recently and turned back the clock once again. Plus last month¬†David Cameron complained to Spain’s PM Mariano Rajoy that Guardia Civil officers took potshots at a jetskier in Gibraltar waters, an allegation Spain denies.

In today’s Telegraph and most newspapers we see reports such as “William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, has remonstrated with Madrid over claims of deliberate delays to traffic travelling between Gibraltar and Spain, at a time of increased wrangling over the disputed territory“.

Plus there was the old complaint about Spanish vessels ¬†illegal¬†incursions into Gibraltar’s territorial waters.

Of course as ever the Spanish picked a really hot day to start the vehicle search trick and caused drivers to sit or stand with their vehicles for up to six hours in 30 deg c heat while almost every vehicle was searched. In fact an ambulance was required to attend to people with medical concerns.

I have been subjected to this sort of treatment for weeks on end at that border and know how frustrating it is when you need to cross the border and back every day. The answer in the end was to have a vehicle at both sides of the border and walk across with less delay. Of course you had to pay the locals to look after the vehicle on the Spanish side to ensure it’s windows did not suffer from bricks etc, but worth it.

A method not available to goods vehicles whose drivers must wish they were anywhere else but at that border.

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