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Amanda Hutton is accused of keeping her child Hamzah Khan in a cot while starving him to death and living in the same house for a further two years.

I still cannot get my head around how a mother could leave a child to starve to death alone. Something has been stopping me believing it, but it’s true isn’t it?

With all the weird headlines infesting the news these days and the war atrocities we hear about on a daily basis, it may have seemed like just another of those, but it is more disturbing than that.

What is the point of this poor child “being on the radar” of most if not all the relevant agencies? On the radar, but not crucially in this case on the “at risk” register or in a child protection plan.

Jodie Dunsmore a police community support officer (with only two days experience) was something different, her instincts told her not to look the other way. After numerous attempts to discover what was happening in Amanda Hutton’s home she finally managed to gain entrance and quickly called for back-up. This is what the back-up officer found (Guardian)

“Within a few hours Detective Constable Richard Dove had made the terrible discovery in Hutton’s upstairs bedroom, the only room in the house with a carpet which was not obscured by a foot of rotting rubbish. In a travel cot, under a pile of shoes, clothes and bedding, Dove found Hamzah, dressed in a blue babygro designed for a six-to-nine-month-old baby. His corpse had gone mouldy and there were flies on his body. His tiny arm was looped around his favourite toy, Iggle Piggle.”

I wept at reading this and the horror fully dawned. The innocent childs suffering is almost unimaginable, neglect as a word comes nowhere near describing the ignorant torture handed out to this defenceless little boy.

I expect we will hear a lot more about this case and the mental condition of Amanda Hutton and how she had eight children with Aftab Khan and the fact that her partner seems not be part of this case.

And let us hope that finally “lessons can be learnt”.


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