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So Xmas has slipped away, New Year looms and you wonder how twelve months can just dissolve into whispy memories. The need to look back through the diary for events that must have been significant at the time is strong.

My first few years in France changed a lot of things in my little world. Not least the lack of  the end of year ritual of being forced into a scary routine beginning in November and terminating with a realisation in January that any savings you had have slipped through your frozen fingers.

You see we didn’t have any English telly until recently so Xmas slithered by with just a recognition of it for the kids and a few friends. It was the most relaxing time of the year, something I never had experienced in England.

The final fixing of a satellite dish this year has changed all that, along came Strictly, British Bake Off, Dr Who etc etc., and suddenly to be followed furtively in November by Xmas.

You can swap channels, turn off the set, hide, go for a walk, chop wood, do your tax return, but eventually it gets to you. The greedy retailers, those supermarkets – promising to save us poor chumps money – the irony! Without them forcing Xmas down our throats we wouldn’t need to save money. In the end you find yourself screaming like a deranged madman at the screen when furniture and kitchen sellers insult your intelligence with ludicrous double-digit discounts and ‘free credit’ and you just want it all to end – please.

Yes it’s my own fault for watching British television, I thought I was strong enough, and it wouldn’t get to me.

I am weak and broke.



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