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Another great evening spent in the world of petanque, wine, apero’s and exploring my friends gardens chasing the ‘cochonette’.





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The Slog.

The bigger the State, the bigger the lies

Now that all the Old Bailey verdicts are in, myriad slippery vipers are wriggling out of the shadows in relation to the Hackgate trial. Among these are the deletion of ALL emails from Rebekah Brooks’ time at the NotW – a staggering 41 million of them – the removal of her pc’s hard-drive (which was then “lost”), the questionable nature of her Dubai holiday “ignorance” of the Milly Dowler affair (she emailed, texted and rang the office several times during her absence), crucial evidence of previous use of blagging experts and hackers withheld from the jury – being ruled not relevant to the charges Brooks faced…and further to my point in yesterday’s Slogpost, no, the jury did not see the tape of her admitting paying money to police officers for information.

It seems to me increasingly here that Rebekah Brooks faced exactly…

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Brocante chatter

We visited some English friends in a nearby Ville last night for an evening of chatter and gluttony. Jim does the cooking while Pam explains the latest forays into the surrounding Departments Brocante events, which are akin to the flea markets back home and seem now to be merging with the Grenier or ‘Loft’ events where people clear out old stuff to make space and cash. They have an annual guide which lists all these events and plan their holiday visits to coincide with the local ones.

So on enquiring what gems had been uncovered during the week, we are taken to the big empty garage alongside the house. Here we see sacks of large brass artillery shell cases that some time ago had been beautifully fashioned into household items such as vases for flowers etc. There are medieval looking rotisseries for cooking meat; little wooden carts to transport a child while being pulled by a dog (I think!), loads of chandeliers, wind up record players, large carved wooden cased wall clocks. That’s just a sample, the red wine flowed fast and my memory has ‘faded’ a bit this morning.

They have always visited France and carried a few things home to sell over the years, but now they have a house here it is becoming a hobby industry for them. All for fun of course but a bit of cash can be made by knowing the full value of these items back back home when cleaned up.



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The brutality involved with so called ‘honour killings’ makes my skin crawl.
I wonder at the misfortune of sharing a planet where ideas such as this and those who perpetrate it exist. Just staggering.
Not to mention those who use it for evil of their own making.

UK Criminal Law Blog

Manchester Evening News Manchester Evening News


On 4th June 2014 Ahmed Al-Khatib was found guilty of murdering Rania Alayed, his wife. He was sentenced to the mandatory sentence of life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years. His brother, Muhaned Al Khatib, was cleared of murder but sentenced to 3 years for Perverting the Course of Justice which he had previously admitted. This related to the hiding of Ms Alayed’s body.

A third brother, Hussain Al-Khatib, was found guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice and sentenced to 4 years in prison. This also related to the disposal of the body (which has still not been found).

The Prosecution alleged that the motive for the killing was a concern that Ms Alayed was “becoming ‘too Westernised’ for her controlling husband’s liking.” We don’t have the sentencing remarks, so we don’t know whether this was accepted by the Judge.

What  we do…

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