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M. Pidgeon and me

Since the beginning of this summer I have taken to sitting with a glass of wine in a seat beside the front hedge of our house. This is an elevated location adjacent the narrow lane which runs to higher ground. There is not much going on, the occasional car or cyclist or walker, passes – always a bonne soir to the cyclist/walker or a wave to the car driver – every 20 minutes or so, and it is very relaxing. Something I look forward to, such is my snail like life just at the moment. Some days it’s to wind down from a hectic lawn mowing or pool cleaning schedule. We finished the building work on the plot a couple of years back and are now just enjoying the place, and the running around after guests.

I have a companion to all this – he/it is a pigeon, who, when I arrive with my plastic chair about 7 pm, seems to arrive at the same time. He settles on the power line to our house and does about 10 minutes of cooing, and then shuts up. We stare at each other.

He tried sitting on the telecom land-line nearer to me, but that didn’t work, he started to sway and never attempted it again.

The routine is, I get through the glass of wine in about 15 minutes, I troop to the house for a re-fill, sit down again and he is still there. Fifteen minutes later I repeat the re-fill and when I return he has deserted. Same every night, like clock-work.

It makes me wonder if he has another date with another old codger who just wants to relax and enjoy this tranquil and slow moving part of France, if so I am happy to share.



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This government needs to start listening to people like Liz Davies who have followed this evil for so long, and they should stop hiding behind the establishment.


Following his presentation to the Home Office of two dossiers about sexual crimes against children, Geoffrey Dickens raised concerns about ‘child brothels’ being run on an Islington Council Estate. In 1986, he spoke of tenants providing him with tape recordings of children screaming during ‘sex sessions’ and mentioned 40 child victims some as young as 6. He also identified three premises and reported matters to Scotland Yard and Douglas Hurd the Home Secretary. These allegations were denied at the time by the Director of Social Services. Yet, in the very area where Dickens was highlighting his concerns, the decomposed body of a girl of 17 was found in a cupboard in a block of council flats. She was said to have been strangled during oral sex after being at a ‘sex party’. This was in 1988 when, as a social work manager in the area, I was hearing rumours of…

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Mark Reckless MP writes to David Cameron after the PM refutes any knowledge of the dark side of Whips pressure on MP’s when voting.

The theory goes………The Whips are said to have kept a ‘black book’ where all gossip/rumours and other discreditable information was written down about an MP for future use. It was kept in a locked safe place by the Chief Whip. In forcing MP’s to vote with the Government, the whips would look in the book for items which they could use to black-mail MP’s into ‘doing the right thing’. It is said that this book and any notes has been shredded but it’s existence is also denied.

There are 12 questions to David Cameron in this letter, I would be surprised if Mark Reckless gets a quick response which answers all these questions fully. No doubt Cameron will set up a new enquiry to answer them, (reporting after the election) or pass the questions to Buttler-Sloss to find out. Potatoes don’t get much hotter.

Mark Reckless | UKIP


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“Conspiracy theories and hysteria flourish where there is secrecy. The one sure-fire way to sort out fact from fiction is to drag the truth into the open”.


There are two things you can guarantee when sexual abuse of children surfaces as an issue. The first is that certain media commentators start talking about mob hysteria and witchhunts (Iain Martin – Telegraph, Matthew Parris – Times, Charles Moore – Telegraph, David Aaronovitch – Times). The second is they smear the messenger.

Prosecuting celebrity offenders was a witchhunt they told us. Until Stuart Hall, Max Clifford and Rolf Harris were exposed in all their unloveliness. Now they are turning their denial laser on suggestions there may have been a paedophile cover up in Westminster. All based – they suggest – on the unreliable testimony of one oddball MP Geoffrey Dickens.

Picking off whistleblowers is an old tactic and easy to do. As American child abuse expert Roland Summit said “It takes an eccentric, potentially alienated personality style to override the shared reassurances of more comfortably socialized peers”…… the eccentric…

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This is interesting – the well known child protection expert Dr. Liz Davies and the ex Conservative politician and sceptic Matthew Parris debate the new enquiries into Child Abuse.

What Can I Do About It?

Liz Davies, Matthew Parris Liz Davies, Matthew Parris

A fascinating discussion between Matthew Parris (columnist and former Conservative politician) and Liz Davies (front-line child protection social worker from London Metropolitan University) about the forthcoming national inquiry into child sexual abuse was broadcast yesterday on the Spectator blog (transcript below). It was fascinating partly because of Liz Davies’ recounting of how her investigations into child abuse and murders of children were stopped by unknown senior people, and partly because of Matthew Parris’ refusal to accept that what Liz Davies was saying might be true. Although as Matthew Parris had just published a Spectator article called ‘What kind of idiot tries to stand in the way of a national child abuse panic? I do’ and subtitled ‘I know the rumours. I think they’re mostly nonsense. I don’t expect a fair hearing’ (pay-walled) he perhaps found it impossible to allow himself to be convinced…

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What is behind the Butler-Sloss appointment? Stupidity? Ignorance? Or the old, old, Cover Up ploy?
Let’s hope people come forward now, point the finger and give evidence (if given the chance) at a proper enquiry and not this waste of time charade.


Butler-Sloss chaired the Inquiry into the arrangements for dealing with suspected cases of child abuse in Cleveland since 1 January 1987 (Report of the Inquiry into Child Abuse in Cleveland 1987 (1988) London. HMSO)

Butler-Sloss presided over a cover up which the system decided was necessitated by the social and political pressures for containment. This was to the great detriment of the children who had actually been abused at that time, to the detriment of children in that position ever since, and to the professionals trying to bring this to light. This was a betrayal because initially we trusted that the Inquiry would be powerful and would want to uncover the truth. 

She has never to our knowledge made any public connection between the silencing of professionals by the Inquiry, and what happened to Child Protection in the UK as a direct result of the Cleveland Inquiry. Therefore, we have no…

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Have the Government looked at the NSPCC record for discovering and stopping child abuse, if so what have they found?


It is deeply concerning that this government has appointed the NSPCC to run one of its enquiries into the extent and cover up of child abuse in British institutions.

Those of us who were in the care system and suffered the abusers have for decades seen our allegations face a brick wall of silence from such charities and organised suppression by lawyers acting on their behalf. In my childhood memoir, The Golly in the Cupboard , I chronicled some of the terrible abuse of young children that took place at our Barnardos home in Southport, Lancashire. I also related attempts of Barnardos to silence us children, to cover up the issue and their failure to pursue prosecution of the perpetrators following the intervention of the police.

Barnardos and many in NSPCC and other charities welcomed the book. However these charities, such as NSPCC, Barnardos, the Children’s Society and the Salvation…

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