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Just when the US was on the brink of sending real arms to Ukraine, Putin agrees to and ‘arranges’ a cease fire. Some see this as Obama forcing the Russian warlord’s hand by threatening proper support of Poroshenko’s Government.

There is some truth in that because Vlad may want a pause in the continuation of this one-sided war, it allows him to carry on bringing in heavy armaments onto his neighbours territory, plus all the supporting logistics needed for his 9000 ‘ghost’ troops there. He has full authority over the borders where his rebels have ceased control. But Ukraine gets nothing to defend itself. What sort of agreement is that – it’s a capitulation in a 1930’s way.

The cease-fire will not last long, just long enough for the Ukrainian troops who are encircled to be destroyed and for the Russian President to organise sham elections in his Novorossiya.

The return of all rebel held territory to Ukraine at the end of 2015 (part of the new Minsk agreement) will never happen, it would be a betrayal of what Putin wants – which is a return to the CCCP Empire.

The agreement is an attempt by some NATO countries to be seen to do something, but they will just have to sit and hope that the man who has lied and broken agreements before will somehow this time submit to a change in behaviour – absolutely no chance.

The little ex KGB meddling wheeler-dealer will continue to lie to the world. ┬áThe Russian people – who have been under the yoke of leaders like him for generations – know nothing else. Their sons will continue to die in Ukraine with no acknowledgement of what they have been ordered to do.

As usual the weakness of Democracies to make unpalatable decisions when opposed by a Dictator are fully exposed here, and history will condemn both sides.


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