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24th June 2016 – Britain chose Leave and defeated the Remain camp by 52% to 48% in the referendum yesterday, with the results being announced this morning.

It was Human Instinct vs Common Sense and the animal instinct won.

The rhetoric from Nigel Farage in grossly divisive this morning “a victory for decent people”, what the hell does that mean? The other 48% are indecent?

His view of Britain is not that of decent people and there lies the trap the 58% have fallen for.

Farage says it is “Independence Day”, the problem is he has won Independence from our biggest trading partner. We stand or fall on our trading results….how is that any victory.

The younger generation have been let down badly by this vote and there futures have been sold cheaply on instinct alone. This is not a General Election where if you make a voting mistake it can be put right five years down the line. We are stuck with this idiocy and those who could not cast a vote yesterday will probably pay for it during their working lives.

Not a thing to do in the modern world, we have so much in common with our neighbours it defies belief that this generation should make such a momentous decision without knowing the consequences.

The Treaty of Lisbon allows two years to negotiate an exit and this can be extended as each EU member has to debate and pass the negotiations. It took Greenland three years and that was a very uncomplicated case.  Today marks the start of years of uncertainty and disruption and no one can foretell the outcome. What a prospect for us and all of Europe.

But they may also stick to the two years and say “enough is enough, take it or leave it”.

As we step into the unknown with a deeply divided Nation, let us hope this is not the break-up of the EU beginning, which is a force for good and a staunch supporter of peace.

We have left it behind and risked a dismantling of the UK.



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