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24th August 2016: Listening to Owen Smith debate with John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4 this morning was a sobering experience.

Owen Smith wants the EU final negotiation results to be put to the Country and Parliament.

Humphreys went for him hammer and tong….a thing he often does and I admire him for it, but this time I detected a bit of anger a bit of something else….maybe a touch of his Brexit soul….maybe I’m wrong.

However I support Owen Smith in his stance on the referendum and the Governments determination to force a Brexit at all costs.

Humphreys battered him with Democracy and likened Smith’s stance to re-running Parliamentary Elections every time the result doesn’t suit someone.

That is a bogus argument of course….Parliamentary Elections are for a few years only and misbehaving governments can be kicked out at any time.

What is facing the country is the unknown, the last referendum result on Europe lasted for around 40 years, and so may this. In a changing world you need to get these things right and information based on red bus slogans is simply not enough.

This Brexit is not like anything the UK has done before, we don’t know the outcome (there are many, many surprises around the corner), this government may start negotiations and not finish them, etc etc.

Many Brexit voters are muttering about being mislead…..this must now be put right….because another 40 years on the end of a bad decision could be disastrous.

Let’s negotiate the best deal we can and put all that information to the British people and Parliament to accept or reject.


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