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Feeling Old

Yep I am., plus feeling generally wretched. And to really rub it in another bloody election and more chances for bloody Politicians to get their mugs on the telly.

Will it ever fucking end? The Politicians lie about Brexit, the man (and woman) in the street suck it up like nectar and believe we can just stop paying our subscription, and hand it to the NHS instead.

Well back to feeling old….I find that the year I was born, these other facts were also valid:-

King George V1 was our Monarch

Clement Attlee was Prime Minister

Harry Truman was US President

Joseph Bastard Stalin was Dictator of the Soviet Union

Francisco Shit Head Franco was ditto of Spain

Charles De Gaulle was a provisional President of France

Germany and Japan was occupied by the Allies

Archibald Wavell was Viceroy and Governor of India

Heathrow had it’s first International Flight

UN Security Council had it’s first meeting.

That’s why I’m feeling old and to add salt I remembered that my father was born in 1896 !!!! Mind you he did marry late in life.






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